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Dikson Cristalli Fluidi New Hair Serum


Dikson Cristalli Fluidi New Hair Serum

  • Cosmetic for hair beauty with silk proteins.
  • It enhances the natural glossiness of the hair.
  • It protects against drying up due to intensive treatments, pollution and weathering agents.
  • It wraps the hair with an elastic micro sheath and welds split ends.
  • It develops an intense revitalizing action.
  • It donates an intense, crystalline glossiness, brightness and silk effect.
  • Smooth hair, easy to brush and silky to the touch. Disentangling – it does not oil.
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Special product for hair beauty. With Silk proteins and Linseed. Protects hair against drying, pollution and chemical treatments. Covers hair with an elastic protective “micro-sheath”. Hair is shining. It is not greasy. For professional use.

Directions: Apply to dry hair by using your hands.

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