Dikson Herbelan Pack Hair Mask (dry, damage hair) -

Dikson Herbelan Pack Hair Mask (dry, damage hair)


One of the most effective hair mask for dry damage hair . It includes herbal acid-neutralizing oxidation products sluggish after chemical hair treatments, especially after blondirovanija. It is recommended as a means to care for colored and bleached hair, because thanks to the action of herbal acid-aligned structure, the hair retains its shine.


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How to use:

After a shampoo wash wet hair with a towel put a mask on all hair, and massage to evenly distribute. Leave for 5-6 minutes, then rinse your hair. After that, go to the normal operations of combing and drying. Do not use the balm immediately after application, as it contains minerals and fatty acids that can absorb a dye molecule.

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1000 ml, 200 ml


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